They say that police develop a sixth sense about criminal mind. And each of us has a little bit of that criminal mind inside, which is why the police can never afford to be off duty. If you were a cop, how do you think you’d handle the pressures of the beat?

You’re in hot pursuit of a suspect fleeing a crime scene. After a long chase, you finally manage to run him down and make the arrest. You’re standing over him with your pistol in his face. Busted! What does the suspect say to you as he stares down the barrel of your gun?

Key to Busted!

What did the cornered crook have to say for himself? Although you were imagining yourself as the police officer, your own hidden tendencies came out in the criminals words. In the game of cops and robbers, it’s the robbers who have to come up with excuses as the cops haul them off to jail. The way you imagined him responding gives an idea of how you reacted when your parents caught you doing something bad. And if you’re like most people, it’s how you continue to behave today.

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