Kokology Quiz 3

1.) You walk down the street and unintentionally kick the garbage bin fall in a mess. What do you expect to see?
a. Nothing, the bin is empty
b. Just a garbage spread all over the street
c. Mostly food
d. All the garbage has already put neatly in a bag
2.) You are watching TV in the living room and decide it's time to go to bed. Entering the bedroom you see a snake on your comfy bed; what you are going to do?
a. Run away
b. A bit shocked but not that scared. However, you have no idea what to do in this situation
c. A bit shocked but not that scared, so you are immediately thinking of getting it out of the place
3.) You are driving by the seaside. Seeing a beautiful landscape, you cannot help but pulling off the car to draw this breathtaking view as part of your memory. How do you like to draw the palm tree at the right side of the paper?
a. Taller than he real one
b. Same height with the real one
c. Shorter than the real one
4.) You bought chocolate-filled donut from the most famous bakery in town. Unfortunately, happily bite a piece; you realize the one you've bought has nothing inside. What will you do?
a. Go back to the bakery and try to change it with a new one
b. Talk to yourself "It happens" then finish the donut
c. Throw it away frustratingly and buy something else
d. Find something to fill it yourself to make it even more delicious
5.) There is an egg in front of you. What kind of egg is that?
a. Snake egg
b. Turtle egg
c. Dinosaur egg
d. Chicken egg

Now, it's time to check your answer:
1.) The question stands for what you want to hide from others
If you choose
a. You have nothing to hide. You are very open and sincere to others
b. You try to act open-minded but the truth is you have something in your mind
c. You are paranoid and don't like anyone to know your personal life
d. You are in control and rarely tell other people about how you feel
2.) The question stands for your perspective towards relationship with your lover
If you choose
a. You afraid to begin a relationship with someone
b. You are not afraid to have a relationship with someone you like
c. You don't want to have a relationship with anyone, and if you also try to kill a snake, it means you've found someone or you've found someone that has already married
3.) The question stands for your background about your ex-lover
If you choose
a. You've already forgotten about your ex and ready to move on to someone else
b. Somehow you still have feeling with your ex, and if you want to met someone, that person must have some point similar to your ex
c. You cannot forget about your ex
4.) The question stands for how you act once you face the unexpected problem
If you choose
a. You are reliable and ready for anything to come
b. You don't let the problem disturbed you for long
c. You will solve the problem out as soon as possible
d. You always come up with ideas, which everyone accept and trust, to solve things up
5.) The question stands for the expectation towards your own child
If you choose
a. Wealth and intelligence
b. Healthy and live long
c. Uniqueness and outstanding
d. You just want your child to be safe and happy
So, how do you like it? Hope you enjoy!

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