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Kokology Quiz 1

1.) Imagine there're horribly threatening monsters angrily rampaging the city, what do you think is the cause of them anger; why the monsters are so furious?
a. They're hungry and looking for food
b. They're looking for their lost love
c. Just because they are ugly monsters with high temper
d. They're angry with this desperate world
2.) You are walking in the art gallery, you are relaxed and stop at one picture. You stop and stare at this picture for a long time, amazed and fascinated. What kind of picture is that?
a. Self-portrait
b. Parody version of something
c. Abstract
d. Painting of nature
3.) If you have a magical eraser that can erase anything:
a. Erase yourself
b. Erase your lover
c. Erase the third party
4.) Again, you are in the art gallery, the same one as before. While you are looking at that picture, a guy standing next to you is about to say something. What is that might be?
a.) "What a beautiful painting, you think?"
b.) "How do you like this painting?"
c.) "Excuse me; do you know what time is it now?"
d.) "You know, I'm the one who painted this picture"
5.) You are in 5 stars hotel room with a blue sky view. You fell asleep and take a nap for a couple hours. What do you expect to see outside the window once you wake up?
a. Midday sun shines above the marine blue sea
b. Dark blue sea reflexes stars on the sky
c. Cold blue sea barely see in the mist
d. The sun is setting at the end of the line where sky and sea has met

Now, it's time to check your answer:
1.) The question stands for the dark side of yourself and cause of pressure in your life
If you choose
a. You are on a diet and feel a bit suffer from it
b. Love is the main cause of the pressure in your life
c. You feel unsatisfied with your own appearance
d. You are pessimistic person
2.) The question stands for your attractiveness
If you choose
a. You are self-confidence
b. You are talkative and have a sense of humor
c. You are creative person
d. You are gentle and well-manner
3.) The question stands for how you handle the problem in your love life
If you choose
a. You always run away from the problem in your love life
b. You respect love and see it as a beautiful thing
c. You don't like to let the problem goes on and effect with your life. You love to solve it right away
4.) The question stands for the way you act when you met someone for the first time
If you choose
a. You are friendly and love to get to know and have new friends
b. You will consider carefully before get to know someone
c. You are independent and see no importance of getting to know new friends
d. You always get excited to know someone and try to make them impressed in you
5.) The question stands for what do you want from love
If you choose
a. You want a high-voltage love
b. You believe the importance of honesty between lovers
c. You want your lover to be your best friend
d. You are looking for a perfect love. Ideal and romantic

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